90 Billion Dollars is A Lot of Money

According to a new report released today by Forbes Magazine, Jeff Bezos has surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man alive. According to this report, Jeff Bezos is worth an approximate NINETY FUCKIN BILLION DOLLARS. 
Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online bookstore and he now has enough money to eradicate AIDS and starvation from the entire planet.
 This man could wipe his ass with 100 dollar bills for the remaining duration of his life and he would still have more money than anybody would ever know what to do with it. 
What does one even do with $90 Billion??? What incentive does he have to not just retire this second and buy out multiple countries in the Caribbean, develop an army and lead an imperialistic campaign to be the supreme leader of the entire world? 
Good for you Jeffery. Good for you. You went from slinging paperback novels on the internet to having a net worth of about 30 Donald Trumps. I respect the hustle and “fuck wit the vision”. 


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