champsHello everybody. Rob, Chris, and myself are all lazy fucks who have clearly not updated the blog in seemingly decades, but we are back now and are all looking forward to providing our readers with a few laughs regarding our takes on events going on in the world of sports, news, and pop culture. Due to the fact that we all graduated a month ago and are now living the sad pathetic lives of washed up college grads, we will honestly have nothing better to do than to update the blog on a consistent basis.

Over the weekend, we all got together for my graduation party (which was a complete disaster) and we discussed plans we have for the blog going forward. We will continue the “Shootin’ The Bit” podcast and create new exciting content in order to cope with the crippling existential angst that comes along with transitioning into being a cube monkey in the so called “real world”. We will also be looking to bring in new writers in addition to our original 3 in order to provide you guys with a wide array of content.

Excited to get this started up again


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