Prosecutors In Casey Anthony’s Case Blew A 3-1 Lead And She Is Back To Gloat

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USA Today reports on March 7th, 2017, “Anthony insists in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press she doesn’t know what happened to her daughter, Caylee.”


At this point in our society, the general public feels pretty much the same way about Casey Anthony as they feel about Kevin Durant, since they both seem to have gotten away with murder. Anthony got away with the probable murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee, and Durant got away with murdering at least the next two NBA regular seasons by joining the powerhouse that is the Golden State Warrior’s roster.

Oddly enough, just as everybody seemed to forget about the biggest prosecutorial blunder since the OJ Simpson trial, “alleged” child murderer Casey Anthony decided to resurface from the depths of hell for a rare interview.

First off, if the majority of my country believed that I murdered my daughter, I would never go back into the eyes of the public. I would change my name, move to Iceland, and open up a bed and breakfast or some shit. That being said, Casey, if you are going to poison my Twitter feed with your face after 6 years, you better have some juicy shit for me. I’m talking crazy shit like a sex tape or an announcement that you were named Trump’s new Head of Child Protective Services.


Instead, this slime ball interrupts my tasty videos and puppy memes just to tell me what I already know. That she still has nooooooo idea how her child could have ended up dead in the back of her car and eventually buried in the woods behind her house.

Casey Anthony, you were so close to being forgotten. Everybody now believes that best actor winner and alleged weirdo Casey Affleck made people take their dicks out on the set. You were this close to finally losing your title as the most controversial person named Casey in the public eye. He was gonna take it right off your hands.

Casey Anthony, do us all a favor and climb back into the sewers where you belong until you have some real news to give us (a confession would be nice).

By: Chris Sanfilippo



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