BREAKING: Colin Kaepernick Will Get On His Knees One Last Time For Anyone Who Will Sign Him

ESPN reports “Quarterback Colin Kaepernick to stand during the national anthem next season.”

So today Colin Kaepernick put out a statement basically saying that if a team will take him next season that he will begin standing for the national anthem again. Thats right. The social activist and NFL “bad boy” has abandoned his cause after one measly season. I say “bad boy” in quotes because it just so happens that the 29 year old quarterback has opted out of his final year in San Fransisco and will test free agency.

Kaepernick, a man who is no stranger to getting on his knees, plans to do just that as he has deserted his war against social and racial injustice for the likes of any old white executive that will sign him. Believe me, nobody understands the term business is business more than I do, but this is a pathetic move. Colin Kaepernick, you are a professional NFL quarterback. You lead your team to the Super Bowl a mere 5 years ago. Invest in yourself one time and stick to your guns.

Now I’m no scientist but I’ve watched all of Entourage twice and so I know exactly how agents talk to their clients. I assume that his agent sat him down and said something along the lines of, “Kap! Kaeptain America! My man! I love all this work you’ve done kneeling once a week for two minutes. But now that you’re a free agent, I think its time we drop this fad, go out, and get us a big fat check!”


Of course, Kaepernick hid his true intentions to the media by basically saying that his work is done and he doesn’t want to get in the way of all the progress that our society has made. Now I 100% believe that our country is in a pivotal time and we need to put a ton of focus on thwarting all injustices in our society. These issues are top priority and we need to tackle them immediately before we go down a path that we cannot come back from.

That being said, Colin Kaepernick, know that I see right through you. I see right through everything from the publicity stunt to revive your dying career to the bukakke that is about to go down in your agent’s office.

By: Chris Sanfilippo

Twitter: sanfilippo13

P.S. Has anyone else wondered how he fits that miraculously ridiculous fro into a football helmet?


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